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Mary's Garden Ministry

Members maintain Mary’s Garden and Sacred Heart Grotto.The gardens surrounding the Blessed Virgin Mary statue and the Sacred Heart Grotto in the front of the parish center are planted and maintained by parish volunteers. Parish members are invited to sign up to care for the garden for one or more weeks between June and October. Families are especially encouraged to participate. During the week(s) the volunteer/family is responsible for watering the garden and possibly light maintenance. (Light maintenance includes pulling easily identifiable weeds and “volunteer” grass.) Beginning in May a sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board across from the church office.

A Garden Co-coordinator is responsible for planting and overall maintenance of the garden, including fertilizing the plants. She is also available to assist with any questions. 

 For additional information about Mary’s Garden and Sacred Heart Grotto Ministry, or to volunteer, 

Contact the parish office 815-234-7431 or Kathy Michel at 815-234-4804.