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Music Ministry

Music is integral to the way we worship God. Music provides a palette that words or silence alone doesn’t fully illustrate, a glorious way for our response to God to resonate. All musicians with humble hearts are welcome to serve in some capacity here, and the musical opportunities are several. We have an Adult Choir and a Children’s Choir, and some other small musical groupings. We are blessed with accomplished accompanists and cantors, and are looking to add more instrumentalists. We have a privilege to provide music for all Masses, funerals, and weddings. All ages are welcome to participate! Come make a joyful sound with us! 

 Contact person: Mrs. Mary Pearson, 815-234-7431.

New music Setting

As the liturgical seasons move ahead, we bring out new ways to pray in song! One way we do that is to change the Mass Setting, which is the collection of melodies used with our acclamations and prayers.  You may notice that the words of our acclamations and prayers are the same at each Mass, but the sound of the song with them changes; this is the setting. We're beginning a new Mass Setting, the Mass of St. Thomas More, by Michele Wokoek, starting with the Gloria. Since we began using the new English translations of the Mass in Advent of 2011, there have been over 250 published Mass Settings! This one is a privately published one: Michele and I have been talking through it, as we, Saint Mary in Byron, are the first parish to be singing it!  I chose this music for its energy, strength, and embodiment of the text. We'll start with the Gloria. Since the Gloria is a prayer to be sung or spoken in its entirety by both assembly and presider, I looked for music that was through-composed, with the text set into it    exactly as written. You'll notice we don't have a refrain that we repeat between     verses.  We'll learn the rest of this Mass Setting after Easter, once we've mastered the Gloria.  Although we're just learning it, I do hope this setting helps you to give Glory to God with a renewed heart! Soli Deo Gloria!  

St. Cecilia, patron saint of music, pray for us!


Ms. Mary Woolf Pearson

Coordinator of Music at Saint Mary in Byron