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Re-opening Part 4

posted Jun 3, 2020, 8:39 AM by Nettie Pell
Reopening Phase for Saint Mary, Byron        Part 4


Dear People of St Mary,
                This week we began our reopening with morning Mass at 7:30am. All went wonderfully and it was great to have 10 people respond to the prayer of the Church publicly once more. I would remind you that you may continue to sign up and register for Mass using the Sign-Up Genius.

            Following all the necessary protocols laid out by the Diocese and the Health Department concerning the care and protection of all people I have been instructed that we can now move to the next phase starting this weekend. Beginning June 6/7, we are allowed no more than 30% capacity of our church which for us is about 70 people. Starting on Wednesday, June 3 you will be able to sign up for all Masses       Saturday:  5:00 PM  
Sunday:  8:00 AM (live streaming continuing) / 10:00 AM / ** temporary 12 noon
Weekday Mass: Tues – Fri 7:30 AM 
Confessions will continue to be offered Friday 8:00-8:30 AM and Saturday 3:30-4:30 PM. 

            With the increase in the number of people allowed to participate in Mass we rejoice but we must still be careful and follow the procedures and precautions laid out by “Back in His Presence” our Diocesan plan. We ask that you:

1.        Please wear a mask at all times except when receiving Holy Communion
2.        Check in with the Greeter upon entering the church. We need to be able to track people, if necessary.
3.         Please use only one door to enter/depart (front door of the church)
4.        An Usher will seat you in a designated pew. This is to keep a respectful distance and to minimize cleaning/disinfecting. Also, we ask you to arrive for Mass no more than 25 minutes before and to please be here no later than 5 minutes before the beginning of Mass to accommodate seating. Even though it may not be your “usual” seat remember every seat is a great seat!
5.        A blue cross on the pew will mark where to sit.
6.        The restrooms are available but, if possible, please use your bathrooms at home. 
7.        No collection will be taken up. Please deposit your stewardship gift/envelop in the basket in the aisle.
8.        Please follow the Usher’s instructions to receive Holy Communion. You are asked to approach the altar in a single line following the marks on the floor. Please remove your mask to receive Communion and then replace it after. At this time, you are asked to receive Communion in your hand. I would remind you that you do not have to receive Communion if you do not feel comfortable. You may continue to make a Spiritual Communion. 
9.        To accommodate the necessary cleaning after each gathering, we are asking you to follow the instructions of the Ushers who (like at a wedding) will dismiss pew by pew, keeping a respectful distance from the person in front of you.

            I realize these are all new things and it will take some time to get used to the requirements of this present time. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time of learning. We are doing our best to keep you informed as things develop and to answer your questions as they come. With an increase in the number of people we also need an increase of helpers at each Mass. Please prayerfully consider helping as a Greeter, Usher or Cleaner. 
            I would remind you that this is a time for greater consideration for each other. A time to be kind and humble before our God. To remember, for example that we wear a mask not for ourselves but for others. To show a greater respect for our neighbor and to ask God constantly for His help. Together we will walk this path and allow our prayer to strengthen us to be witnesses of Jesus Christ in our world.

Peace always,  
     Fr. Rich