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Synod of the Bishops on Young People

posted Mar 2, 2017, 8:25 AM by Howard Barch

The Rockford Diocese received formal notice that Pope Francis will convoke the XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in October 2018. The topic for this synod will be: "Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment." Please read the document provided for reflection.  If you wish to help the Holy Father and the bishops discuss this issue, Please answer some or all of the questions below.  Submit your responses, including your name and complete address, name and city of the parish and be sure to sign it. Submit your response to the parish office by 5/29/17 for us to submit to the diocese by 6/2/17.



a)              Pastoral Vocational Programs for Young People

1.    How are families and communities involved in the vocational discernment of young people?

2.    How do schools and universities or other educational institutions (civil or ecclesial) contribute to young people’s formation in vocational discernment?

3.    In what manner are you taking into account the cultural changes resulting from the development of the digital world?

4.    How can World Youth Days or other national or international events become a part of ordinary pastoral practice?

5.    In what manner is your diocese planning experiences for the pastoral vocational program for young people?



a.    How does your community care for young people who experience extreme violence (guerrilla warfare, gangs, prison, drug addiction, forced marriages) and accompany them in various ways in their life?

b.    What formation is offered to support the engagement of young people in society and civil life, for the common good?

c.     In a world which is greatly secularized, what pastoral activities are most effective for continuing the journey of faith after the Sacraments of Christian Initiation?


3. Sharing Activities

1.    List the main types of pastoral activity in accompaniment and vocational discernment in your present situation.

2.    Choose three activities you consider the most interesting and relevant to share with the universal Church, and present it according to the following format (no more than one page for each experience).

a)    Description: In a few sentences, roughly describe the activity. Who are the leading characters? How does the activity take place? Where? Etc.

b)    Analysis: Evaluate the activity, even in layman’s terms, for a better understanding of the important elements: what are the goals? What is the theoretical basis? What are the most interesting insights? How have they developed? Etc.

c)    Evaluation: What are the goals? If not achieved, why? Strengths and weaknesses? What are the consequences on the social, cultural and ecclesial levels? Why and in what way is the activity important / formative? etc.